Wow, never in a million years did I think this would happen...

“I was 240 and now I’m 139lbs. My life at 59 has never been better (the best part is I feel ALIVE)!

However, my life was not always this rosy. Not so long ago, I used to be afraid to even look at myself in the mirror, my knees ached and my body was sore all the time. 

Worst part was everyone used to stare at me as I took my morning walks with my dog Kobe. I didn’t realize how ‘noticeable’ I became.

One thing, however, was devastating. Year after year, my scale numbers had gradually risen. 

I found myself at 240lbs, too embarrassed to even go outside.

My unimaginable gain seemed to come out of NOWHERE! I was feeling hopeless and couldn’t do a single thing about it. 

Everything came back fine after being poked and prodded at countless doctor visits, except I was still imprisoned by my body with all the extra thickness that wouldn’t go away!

I was lonely and depressed. I’d been living in seclusion and couldn’t do any of the things I used to enjoy!

That’s when I had a major, albeit unexpected, breakthrough

My old school friend Monica tipped me off about something incredible that she was using.

It was a bizarre tropical loophole, from an exotic remote island, that had extremely positive benefits to help get rid of this unwanted gain I had packed on and had been carrying around for years.

I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it…

It couldn’t have been that simple… to just use this tropical hack… no way, I thought to myself.

THIS tropical loophole is going to help me achieve the goals I was aiming for? 

Allowing me to finally get me back to how I use to feel?

To take my usual long walks with Kobe without suffering from pain or difficulty breathing? 

And to enjoy precious time with my grand kids?

With nothing else to try and this being my last hope… I decided to give it a try.


Well, let me just face the facts here…

I didn’t have anything to lose giving this a shot. I made it this far and I still had no end in sight. Why not give it a shot, I thought to myself.

My friend Monica shared this secret video explaining the powers of this tropical loophole and the ‘5 second trigger’ that would force my body to turn into a furnace for my stubborn gain.

What happened next after I watched this video… is… well…. It left me speechless.

Within days of using this simple hack I started to finally feel different. 

A GOOD different. 

I started to feel more ‘alive’. I felt rejuvenated. I started to notice my energy was coming back. 

I had more ‘pep-in-my-step’ like the good ol’ days.

In just a few weeks I was starting to watch myself change from top to bottom…NOTICEABLE changes that everyone else saw as well.

I started to do things I loved again. I started to go outside more. I started becoming happier.

Most importantly, I got my life back.

Get a load of this…

My husband even started complimenting me again and my local church started asking me what I was doing because of this incredible transformation!

I shared with them, the same video Monica shared with me and explained how this helped me become the ‘new version’ of me, that I was finally proud of once again!

If you want to know more about what this tropical loophole is and the same video Monica shared with me that breaks everything down for you, I’ve gone ahead and prepared it for you below.”

Click Here to Watch the video

– Vanessa Hunter

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